We help individuals, families, endowments, and organizations activate their investments to ignite positive social and environmental change by identifying opportunities and asking the right questions:

  • Who are the right partners for us to work with? What resources will we need along the way? 

  • How can we establish clear impact strategies and game plans to move forward? How can our team build consensus? 

  • What tools should we use when assessing our options upfront and ultimately evaluating our results? 

  • What deep knowledge and research do we need to inform ourselves and the field to be successful?

Our independent perspective and objective approach positions asset owners to own what they own. 

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Investment Advisor Searches

We work with asset owners to find the right partners and resources. We help connect asset owners to new investment advisors through an independent collaborative search process comprised of customized requests for proposals, targeted interviews, and post-search onboarding of new advisors.

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Impact Strategy

We help clients establish clear impact goals and implement effective impact blueprints. Our team can lead board facilitations to align values, mission and impact; develop theories of change; articulate impact themes; clarify impact frameworks and tactics; and craft impact investment policy and belief statements. 

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Due Diligence, Performance Monitoring, and Impact Evaluation

We provide independent due diligence and risk assessment services and ongoing evaluations so clients can achieve their impact objectives more efficiently—using best practices to complete due diligence of business models, investment structures and advisors to establish whether approaches are effective.

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Research and Analytics

We lead independent field-building projects and develop and execute customized research agendas for clients. Our team uses issue briefs and market maps to address specific topics and explore the current state and future direction of how impact will affect industries, sectors and regions.